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About ICA of North Dakota

Dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Icelandic heritage and culture

Our Mission

Our mission is to act as an educational and literary organization to preserve the Icelandic heritage and culture by way of education and literary pursuit. The ICA is an official nonprofit 501(c)(3). Become a member or make a donation to help keep our Icelandic story alive.

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Who We Are

The Icelandic Communities Association (ICA) was originally known as the Mountain Celebration Committee. The Mountain Legion and Legion Auxillary sponsored and organized the 2nd of August Celebrations for many years. The Mountain Celebration committee was first established in 1999 but our celebration began in 1889. In 2024, The ICA will stage the 125th Annual Deuce of August Icelandic Celebration.  The Celebration has been certified by the North Dakota Tourism Department as the longest running ethnic festival in North Dakota.  The ICA is also the largest Icelandic ethnic event in the United States. 


In February 2003, bylaws were adopted and the name was changed from the Mountain Celebration Committee to the Icelandic Communities Association. To become a member of ICA, pay an annual membership fee of $15.00/person.  This provides each member voting rights at all ICA meetings, a subscription to the Fjalla Blað newsletter, and full membership to the Icelandic National League of the United States.


The seven Icelandic settlement communities that make up the ICA are Gardar, Mountain, Hallson, Vidalin, Fjalla, Thingvalla and Svold. More information on these areas can be found on the Pembina County USGenWeb. The people from these communities and many other supporters from all over the United States are instrumental in the success of the celebration and ICA activities.


The goal of the ICA is to celebrate and preserve our Icelandic heritage and culture. In addition to the annual heritage celebration, the ICA also participates in various activities throughout the year such as our very popular Þorrablót. 


The ICA is a member of the Icelandic National League of the United States and works closely with the Icelandic Roots organization, which maintains a very active genealogy and history database. We encourage our members and friends to become a member of Icelandic Roots. Their website can be accessed here:  Icelandic Roots | Genealogy Ancestry

We have frequent tour groups and visitors to our area from Iceland.


In 1999, during the 100-year anniversary of August the Deuce, the Mountain Celebration Committee hosted the President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. He was the first Icelandic president to visit North Dakota. Since that time, the ICA has been honored to entertain countless dignitaries and visitors from Iceland.


Each year the ICA honors an individual for the Parade Grand Marshal and Honorary Parade Marshal. Please submit your nomination to the ICA before May 1st.

ICA Officers:


  • President: Curtis Olafson

  • Vice President: Shirley J. Olgeirson

  • Treasurer: George Wright

  • Secretary;  Judy Geir

  • Directors at Large

  • Kathy Thorlakson

  • Dori Kate Heck

  • Susan Sigurdson-Powers


You can become a member of the ICA by paying an annual membership fee of only $15/person. This provides each member with voting rights at all ICA meetings and includes a subscription to the Fjalla Blað newsletter.


Become Part of ICA

We are a volunteer organization, and we need YOU!  We are coming up with a list of prizes for volunteers who give time for volunteer opportunities.

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